Mahamayi Cosmic Temple Bell, Divine Light, Arul, God, Godeses, Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki, Universal Divine Mother, Guruji Satya Pranava Yogi, blesses with  health, wealth, relationship, peace, happiness, success, bliss
  To the Abode of Om Sri Mahamayi  
  Universal Divine Mother  

Ashta Aishwarya Sarva Mangala Sowbhagya Arokya Ananda Shakti
Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki Saranam

Chennai, India.

Mahamayi. Pranams to All the Divine Mothers and Divine Children! Our Gracious Universal Divine Mother, has incarnated to a new avatar as Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki, to protect all the children of this world from the present Worldly Maya and to console, guide & elevate them to attain their life goals. The gracious mother blesses with abundant health, wealth, relationship, peace, happiness and eternal bliss.
To know more about Mahamayi's Miracles & Sadhanas and to attain abundant Love (Prema), Grace, Wisdom, & Bliss, please contact om mahamayi Atma Vidya Mandiram. The Divine Place for Cosmic Transformation!
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